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I'homme par la dilatation du sphincter vesical pratiquee a la faveur d'une boutonni^re perin^ale. "Lyon M6d.," July 2, 1882. 21. Zanoaeol. — Du r61e du distoma hematobium dans la formation des calcula v6sicaux (quatorze cas de litholapaxie). "Rev. de Chir.," Aug., 1882. 22. Davidson, etoricoxib arcoxia J. MoK. — A new mode of detecting stone in the bladder ; the au- ditory method. " Lancet," July 1, 1882. 1. Dr. Hutchison calls attention to an ether inhaler, which we judge to be an invention of his own, but which seems, from the description, to be very similar to that invented by Dr. Noyes, of this city, and which has been in use for several years at the New York Eye and arcoxia tablets Ear Infirmary, we believe with sat- isfaction. The apparatus is very simple, and consists of three essential parts : 1. A rubber mouth-piece, etoricoxib 60 mg such as is used by dentists in administering gas, and which completely covers the mouth and nose, and can be made to exclude the air entirely. 2. A receptacle for the ether, which consists of a tin box, cylin- drical in shape, three and a quarter inches long by two and a quarter inch- es in diameter, in whicli is placed a coarse sponge. purchase arcoxia online This box has three openings — one at each end and one in the middle. To the opening buy cheap arcoxia at one end the rubber mouth-piece is attached ; to the opening arcoxia mg at the arcoxia 90mg buy arcoxia online other end a mus- lin bag is attached ; and the opening in the middle is for the purpose of al- lowing the ether to be poured in upon the sponge, and should be fitted with a cork. The third element of the appa- ratus is the muslin bag, pear-shaped, eleven inches long and eight or nine wide at the widest part, having a capa- city of forty or fifty inches. The neck of this bag fits closely over the end of the tube, with which it is connected at pleasure by strings. The bag should be made of close material, and when it is wet it will bo almost impervious to air or ether vapor. The sponge in the tin cylinder will hold generic arcoxia about two buy etoricoxib ounces of ether, and, when the a{)paratU8 is to be used, it should first be wet with wa- ter, then squeezed, and placed in the tube. The muslin bag should also be first wet order arcoxia online and wrung out, and, when the mouth-piece is attached, the apparatus is ready for use. To avoid strangling order arcoxia the patient, the orifice in the middle of the tin cylinder through which the ether is poured may be left open during the first respirations. [It will be seen at once that arcoxia cost at the first expiration the air is arcoxia price driven through the sponge and out into the bag. At the next inspiration the same air, mixed with ether vapor, is drawn into the lungs, and this is repeated indefinitely, the rubber mouth-piece easily prevent- ing all access of atmospheric air. The apparent advantages of this inhaler are numerous. It economizes ether so that the first dose of a buy arcoxia couple of ounces will sometimes last for a considerable opera- tion. Again, it is simple etoricoxib msd in construc- tion, easily cleaned, always ready, easi- ly portable, and not expensive. These things recommend it at once. But, though Dr. Hutchison is satisfied to recommend it, and Dr. Noyes, we be- lieve, has not discarded his, the writer has been disappointed in it, and has final- ly discarded it, very imwillingly, arcoxia online for fear of an accident. Though the vapor of ether is supposed to sustain life with- out the addition of atmospheric air (which is the principle upon which this inhaler is based), a little more ether and a little more time in administering it add a good deal to the peace of mind of the operator.] 5. Dr. Leonard claims some original- ity in the method of emj)loying caustic jjotash for carhuncles, and some ex- ceedingly good results from this etoricoxib tablets plan of treatment. His method consists in a continuous and immediate action of the 544 purchase arcoxia

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