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ing force is entirely under command. The ovaries should be included in its grasp, if the ligaments are long enough to permit of it. Searing the surface of the stump with the actual cautery, as well as the use of perchloride of iron, Order Ampicillin is unnecessary, perhaps injurious. For a dressing, he recommends a mixture of equal parts of glycerin and rectified spirits, eithei- with or without four or Ampicillin 500mg five per cent, of eucalyptol. This is to be used Ampicillin 500 as often as the discharges make it necessary. The serre-nceud may be removed in from seven to fourteen days. A funnel-shaped cavity is likely to be left in the abdomen, which gradu- ally disappears after traction has been removed and the granulating surface heals. 34. Mr. Tait writes to the " British Medical Journal " on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflaminution of the ovary. He remarks that the diag- nosis of pelvic diseases received its first real life from Simpson. His was the mechanical school of gynagcology, which has fewer followers as less severe meth- ods of treatment are introduced. Ben- nett and Tilt directed attention to the ovaries as the possible source of trouble for wliich the uterus was being treated in many cases. Keith gave the great- est impetus to gynaecology in teaching that the traditional fear of the perito- naeum was a bugbear. The mortality of Keith, and also of the author, in ovari- otomy, is now only three per cent., and this without the use of the antisep- tic system of Lister, which he considers more dangerous than useful. With the comparatively few fatal results in ab- dominal section, we are now justified in making it not only to save life, after repeated mischievous tappings, which was the old rule, but also to relieve suf- fering. Under this new practice the pathology of pelvic disease is being bet- ter understood, and so is even the physi- ology of the female sexual organs. The author's experience [and it must be ad- mitted that it is very extensive] leads him to believe that the ovaries liave nothing to do with menstruation ; that the phenomena connected with the lat- ter function depend upon the Fallopian tubes, and not upon the ovaries. The accumulation of experience in abdomi- Ampicillin 500 Mg nal surgery is also teaching us the con- ditions involved in chronic inflamma- tion of the ovaries. The acute Purchase Ampicillin form of the disease is often fatal. It may origi- nate in a chill, in an haematocele, in Cheap Ampicillin an at- tack of gonorrlux^a, in some exanthemat- ic fever, or in miscarriage or childbed. From the last two of those, which are OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. 541 more frequent than the others, two spe- cific varieties of the disease arise, which he calls interstitial oophoritis and Buy Ampicillin Online peri- oophoritis. If a woman has Buy Ampicillin this chron- ic intlanmiation, sterility and dyspareu- nia will attest it, and it is a matter of clinical observation that the disease often occurs with those who have had one child, the acute inflammation begin- ning with the puerperal period. TV'ith such patients pain is rarely absent, and it is intensified during the puerperal period, " Buy Acillin for the reason that tlie tubes are always involved." The left side is sure to be aifected when the trouble is confined to one side. By digital exami- nation a fixed and tender mass, consti- tuted by the diseased ovary or an ovary and a tube, may be made out in the va- ginal cul-de-sac, and the nauseating pain caused by pressure upon it is quite char- acteristic. The requirement in the way of treatment is primarily rest, but, of course, this is impossible during Online Ampicillin the menstrual epoch, when the organs are trying to fulfill their physiological func- tion ; to this may be added counter-irri- tation and setons, and, in the way of drugs, bromide of potassium and ergot. [We have found local applications of fluid extract of eucalyptus very sooth-

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