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OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. 535 5. Its absolute coutra-indications order actos are pregnancy and acute inflammations. Other conditions may also exist which would equally contra-indicate its use. 8. Dr. Wilson introduced the subject of tents in gynmcological practice actos tablets before the actos cost Baltimore Academy of Medicine at the session of April 4th. There are three methods for actos generic name the accomplishment of dilatation of the uterus: 1, actos buy online Division of the cervix ; cheap actos 2, tents ; 3, steel uterine dilators. One or all methods actos 30 mg may be necessary in a given case. Simpson introduced sponge tents in 1849, Sloan introduced sea-tangle tents in 18G2, and since then Sussdorif actos online has introduced tupelo tents. Byford uses slippery elm, and also the pith of the corn-stalk, for making these instruments. Dr. Wilson considers tupelo the least dangerous for this purpose. When he uses sponge tents he covers actos mg them with gold-beater's skin, and makes several punctures in them with the point of a knife. The dangers from tents are peritonitis, cellulitis, endometritis, septicaemia, hsoniatocele, nervous shock, tetanus, etc. They are best introduced through a Sims's specu- lum, the cervix having first been stead- ied with a tenaculum, and the course of the canal ascertained by means of the sound. He is in the habit of dip- ping the tent in a solution of carbol- ic acid in glycerin before introducing it. After the dilating power purchase actos online of the in- strument is exhausted it should be at once removed, the uterus should be thoroughly washed out with carl)olized water, and the patient should be kept in bed for several days. Dilatation may be called for in cases of intra-uter- ine fibroids and polypi, enlarged uterus, Iia:morrhage from various sources, generic for actos stricture of the internal os, dysinenor- rhoea, sterility, and chronic endome- tritis. He thinks generic actos it very hazardous to introduce a tent just before menstru- ation has begun, and leave it until the period has passed. 9. Dr. Fraenkel proposes a new pro- cedure for malcing compressed sponge antiseptic. Notwithstanding the danger of infection from the use of sponges in uterine therapeutics, they are often a very convenient and useful means in the treatment of metritis of long actos 15 mg dura- tion, encouraging resorption, acting as a tonic upon a flabby and weak uterus, and more efl'ectivo under these indica- tions tlian either cost of actos tupelo, laminaria, or mechanical dilators. Iodoform was the substance which occurred to the au- thor's mind as a means buy cheap actos of rendering sponge tents aseptic. Two patients were actos 45 mg chosen for the experiment — one a mul- tipara with a soft, flabby, easily bleed- ing uterus ; the other a primipara, forty- two actos price years of age, with chronic hyper- plastic metritis. The patients were placed in the knee-elbow position, the uterine cavity was price of actos washed out with a warmthree-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid, introduced through a uterine catheter, and the tents were next ad- justed. They were made of compressed sponge, prepared with cerate, rubbed with salicylated cotton, and were then covered with a thick coating of pulver- ized iodoform. After they had been introduced, a quantity of iodoformed gauze was placed in the vagina. Violent expulsive pains followed this operation, but no fever. The tents were removed after eighteen or twenty hours, and no bad odor was present. In two other cases the uterus was injected in a simi- lar manner, and in the first of tliese a further injection of a syringeful of liquor ferri sesquichloridi was made with a Braun's syringe. In the second a like quantity of tincture of iodine was injected. Neither of the patients suf- fered any order actos online evil consequences from this treatment. [We do not think that the author's method of injecting the uterine cavity is to be recommended. With the patient in the knee-elbow position,

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