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cours What Is Aciphex 20 Mg des maladies mentales. "Rev. de M6d.," Sept., 1882. 11. Dewar, J. — Dysmenorrhoea as a cause of hystero-epilepsy. Aciphex Buy "Brit. Med. Jour.," Sept. 2, 1882. 12. LuTATjD, A. — Note sur la dysm6norrhee membraneuse. "Ann. de Gyn6c.," Aug., 1882. 13. Tkrrillon. Generic Name For Aciphex — Des troubles Is There A Generic For Aciphex de la menstruation apres les lesions chirurgicales ou traumatiques et Aciphex Generic Available apr^s I'ovariotomie. Hid., Sept., 1882. 14. Edis, A. W. — The rational treatment of menorrhagia. Order Aciphex Online " Brit. Med. Jour.," Sept. 2, 1882. 15. Barker, M. R. — A new method of treating uterine haemorrhage. "Med. and Surg. Reporter," Sept. 9, 1882. 16. Dudley, E. Aciphex Tablets C. — Anterior and posterior displacements of the uterus. "Chi- cago Med. Rev.," Aug. 15, 1882. 17. Herman. — The relation of backward displacements of Aciphex Coupon Rebate tlio uterus to painful menstruation. [Obstet. Soc. of London.] " Brit. Med. Jour.," July 29, 1882. 18. Maoan, a. V. — The rational treatment of anterior and posterior displace- ments of the uterus. [Dublin Obstet. Soc] "Dublin Jour, of Med. Sci.," July, 1882. 19. Duvelius. — Ein Fall von Exstirpatio uteri prolapsi vaginalis. " Centralbl. f. Gynak.," Aug. 12,1882. 80. Cyrus, W. H. — A case of inversion of the uterus of eight years' duration ; reduction. "Am. Practitioner," Sept., Purchase Aciphex Online 1882. 21. De SinIity. — Des inflannnations qui se developpent an voisinage do I'nt^rus, Aciphex Discount Card con.Aciphex Savings Card uteri. " Canada Lancet," Aug., 1882. 24. Hunter, J. B. — Uterine and Aciphex 40 Mg vaginal discharges. " Med. Record," Sept. 16, 1882. 25. RouTH, C. n. F. — On the etiology and Aciphex Generic Equivalent Buy Generic Aciphex treatment Aciphex Rebate Coupon of a certain When Will Aciphex Go Generic form of Aciphex Generic Name endo- metritis accompanied with very tenacious leucorrhoea. " Brit. Med. Jour.," Sept, 2, 1882. 534 MONTHLY REPORT ON 26. 81. 28. 29. SO. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. Y 37. Gushing, C. — The blunt curette in the treatment of some forms of Aciphex Pi uterine disease. "Western Lancet," Aug., 1882. Feettnd, M. B. — Irrigations-Curetten und Lofifel. "Centralbl. f. Gynak.," Sept. 2, 1882. PoLAiLLON. — Sur I'amputation du col de I'ut^rus dans le cas de cancer de cet

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